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Year 2019 Prophecy

1. Year 2019 is the year of deliverance and fruitfulness. As a result, an individual or this nation will experience new and diverse challenges.

2. This is the year of governmental perfection. Individuals and nations must seek God first in their decision-making. This is to avoid internal and external wars, which can have adverse and tremendous impact on the family, religion, government, economy and our political system.

3. Year 2019 is the year of overflow of God’s Blessing for an individual and nations. A new globally economy system will be introduced and established gradually.

4. Year 2019 is the year of healing diabetes, cancer and blood diseases and also those with internal organs problems: such as kidney, liver and heart diseases. Some women will continue to receive healing of both internal and external organs and the Lord will wipe away their shame. The Lord will heal you.

5. In year 2019, you will experience new direction and begin to do things differently. This also applies to an individuals and nations.

6. The lying spirit will continue to be exposed and dealt with openly across this nation. Do not help God in all your doings. He is a big God and He can do all by Himself.

7. Year 2019 is a year of Dominion, according to His Divine Power and Authority in Righteousness. He will bring complete order to your life and the United States especially.

8. This year, individual and nations shall be separated from whatever has attached to them for a long-time that causes delay and regression.

9. This nation, United States will continue to experience political warfare even greater than last year. One of the political parties will continue to experience significant internal turmoil and fall-out, resulting in a tribal war. Without caution, turmoil will probably spill over to other parties and nations, especially developing nations.