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Year 2020 Prophecy

1.Year 2020 is the year of solving pending and complicated problems, for individuals and this nation. Carnality will not prevail but you must remain at the Master’s Feet.

2. This year United States would not engage in any external war, but will be occupied with internal war. This will have adverse impact on religion, government, and political system.

3. The lying spirit will continue to be exposed and dealt with openly across this nation. Do not help God in all your doings. He is a big God and He can do all by Himself.

4. This nation, United States, will continue to experience political warfare that is greater than last year’s until the current circle is completed. One of the political parties will continue to experience significant internal turmoil and fall-out, resulting in war within the party.

5. In year 2020, you will have an encounter with God.  He will lead you to the land of your new assignment.  Not every land is your land. The Lord will use you.

6. Spiritual and natural resources of healing will replace most medications and speed up your healing. This year the Lord will heal hypertension, diabetes, cancer and blood diseases and internal organ problems: such as kidney, liver and heart diseases.

7. In year 2020, you will experience new direction and begin to do things differently. This also applies to nations and individuals. Holy Spirit, the Truth, is all we will need.

8. The Lord will bring complete order to your life and the United States in particular. Media will continue to play an important role on American politics and expose mind-boggling things. The attack on American politics from foreign nation will continue, but will fail and be exposed.

9. Year 2020 is the year of overflowing blessings from God to individuals and nations. A new global economy system will continue to emerge, but will not last. Correction is at the door.

10. This year, many politicians will depart from their political affiliations before and after this coming election. Shame will replace fame.  Spiritual revival will emerge, spreading across nations and the United States.