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Year 2021 Prophecy

1. Year 2021 is the year of Dominion Anointing for solving pending and complicated problems, when weeds will be separated from the wheat.

2. This year the United States will continue to engage and be occupied with internal war. This will have adverse impact on religion, government, and political system.

3. The lying spirit will continue to be exposed and dealt with across nations.

4. This nation, United States, will experience elevated political warfare greater than those of previous years. Politicians will continue to depart from their previous political affiliations. A major political party will continue to experience significant internal turmoil and fall-out, resulting in internal war within the party. The judicial system will eventually deliver and separate the party from the current leadership.

5. In year 2021, you will experience clear direction and do things differently. This applies to individuals and nations.

6. This world will experience sudden loss of spiritual giants across the globe. Jesus Christ is Coming Soon and will cleanse His churches.

7. This year, fire, storm, hurricanes will break out in some states and affect this nation significantly by occurring in the most unexpected places.

8. This year 2021, you will find and recover all those things you have lost from previous years.