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Year 2022 Prophecy
  1. In the year 2022, the assignment ahead of you will require at least two additional individuals (destiny helpers) to help accomplish it. This time around, you must stay away from your deep analytical mind and embrace the discernment spirit.
  2. This year, 2022, covenants of God will be established and fulfilled upon some of His children. These individuals will continue to do things differently and discover their new unprecedented creative talents.
  3. The year 2022 is the year of solving various pending and complicated problems facing this nation, even as the ongoing internal war (civil war) continues. These problems will have an adverse impact on the economy, religion, politics, and government.
  4. The Lord said, “This year I will make known that My servants; the prophets are in your midst, and they have been in your midst all along”.
  5. In the year 2022, the United States will experience great disappointments and fallout with foreign and political allies. These will affect close relationships between individuals, nations, organizations, associations, colleagues, families, and politicians, eventually causing great threats and impairment in some long-standing relationships. However, this will not surprise those that seek God.
  6. The lying spirit will continue to manifest globally and in this nation in particular. However, the Lord will continue to expose and deal with lying across nations.
  7. This year, some delayed or abandoned projects will be completed by those who seek God’s divine intervention. This applies to individuals and this nation.
  8. This nation, the United States, will continue to experience elevated political warfare greater than those of previous years. Some politicians will continue to depart from their political affiliations because of turmoil and fall-out within the party. The United States’ legal and judicial system will vindicate and prevail to resolve some of the issues confronting us.
  9. In the year 2022, you will experience clear direction and do things differently. Individuals must examine their spiritual and physical diet. Many are walking around with spiritual malnutrition and are physically sick because of what they eat or lack thereof. The Lord will heal you.
  10. This year, fire, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods will break out in certain unusual places across the globe and will affect this nation significantly, occurring in the most unexpected places.