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JITHM Weekly Diplomat Corner – Devotional
SUNDAY MARCH 26, 2023    

Christ Must Reorient You 

When He had gone a little farther from there, He saw James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother, who also were in the boat mending their nets, And immediately He called them, and they left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired servants, and went after Him. Mark 1:19-20

We have a natural tendency to find our “comfort zone” and then position ourselves firmly in place. If you are in a situation or lifestyle where you are perfectly capable of handling everything, you have stopped growing in your understanding of God. God’s desire is to take you from where you are to where He wants you to be. You will always be one step of obedience away from the next truth God wants you to learn about Him. You may experience a restlessness whereby you sense that there is far more you should be learning and experience about the Father.

At times, this will mean that you should move to a new location or take a new job. It could indicate that you need a deeper dimension added to your prayer life. Perhaps you need to trust God to a degree you never have before. The fisherman could not remain in their fishing boats and become apostles of Jesus Christ. Abraham was seventy-five years old when God gave him his major life assignment.

These men had to disrupt their comfortable routine in order to reach new heights in their relationship with their Lord. Likewise, in order to experience God to the degree He wants you to, there will be adjustments. He will ask of you. Are you prepared for Christ to reveal Himself to you in dimensions that will change your life? Are you willing to abandon that which makes you comfortable? 

Prayer-1: Almighty God, don’t let me conform myself to this world. Help me, rather, to influence my world to follow Lord Jesus Christ. Forgive me for my useless conversations and my idle words, teach me to seize every opportunity to talk about You and the glory of Christ, in Jesus’ Name. (John 17:14)HSMP

Prayer-2: Mighty Father, use me as an Ambassador for Your Kingdom, to the lost and dying world. I submit myself to Your authority and will. Show me Lord, how to use the gift You have given me to spread Your Kingdom, for I want to be Your humble servant. I pray in the name of the One who is my example of life. (2Corinthians 5:20) HSMP

In His Garden 
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