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Mission & Vision


By His power and through the function of the Holy Spirit, Jesus In The House Ministries will continuously learn and be inspired by the Words of Christ, that we may live the same principles He lived by and defend our faith despite the world full of temptation that we live in.

  1. Christ mandates us to continue building Faith, Trust, and Hope while ministering  the word of God to nations through Prophetic and Evangelical Teaching across the globe.
  2. Christ mandates us through His Word to nurture the children of God to their places of destiny here on earth; to know His Plan, His Place, His Provision, and His Purpose for their lives.
  3. Through effective teaching of the Truth in His Word, Christ mandates us to focus on Faith, Obedience, and Holiness. These principles bring salvation and manifestation of signs, wonders, miracles, healings, and deliverance to the children of God in every aspect of their lives.
  4. Christ mandates us to preach Gospels to all nations through the evangelical and prophetic ministry.
  5. Christ mandates us to feed and nurture His sheep both Spiritually and Physically across all nations.
  6. Christ mandates us to take care of His Vineyard and get (His followers) ready for presentation.
  7. Christ mandates us to walk in purity, holiness, and power.
  8. Christ mandates us to build up our inner-man through fasting and prayer.


Our Vision at Jesus In The House Ministries is to spread the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ to people of all nations, through:

  • Preaching the Living Word to communities and people of all nations.
  • Evangelistic and deliverance ministries across the globe.
  • Teaching and preaching to conviction of His children by showing the love of Christ.
  • Bringing back lost souls and waking up sleeping churches.
  • Full Pentecostalism and manifestations of nine gifts of Spirits and nine fruits of Spirits.