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Year 2023 Prophecy
  1. This year 2023, those barricades (stubborn problems) has been removed for individual and this nation, in order to move swiftly to combat and solve future problems. Divine Strength is waiting for you during this year.
  2. In year 2023, several small trees that surround a big tree are cut down. The big tree in the midst will eventually follow suite. Let’s continue to pray for all leaders.
  3. This year 2023 the lying spirit will continue to manifest in this nation, especially among leaders, but the Lord will continue to expose and deal with it openly and across other nations.
  4. This year a leader of an organization will issue precise prophetic prediction. It is not meant for everyone, only those who desire to hear from him will receive what the spirit says. Only you will know. The Lord will lead us to the path of righteousness.
  5. Year 2023 is the year of solving pending and complicated problems facing this nation. However, the threat of a civil war is slowing down. The Lord will defend us from both internal and external war.
  6. The United States will continue to experience political warfare. The legal and judicial system will vindicate and resolve some of the political issues confronting this great nation.
  7. In year 2023, the Lord will heal both internal and external sicknesses, especially for those with crucial body pain, bone pain and other infirmities. The pregnant woman must take caution and stay away from “eating bounce”.