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In June 2012, as we were getting ready for our church annual convention, my prayer partner told me that someone suggested to her that while at the convention, we should find a way to sit on the leaders’ chair or get on the altar and this would definitely get her answers to her request. This did not seem right to me and I told her that we should rather pray for destiny helper and for God to visit with us and for us to be able to behold his glory. We agreed and prayed and went to the convention with an open mind and expectations.

During the convention, my prayer partner was looking to charge her phone and needed a power cord, she went to all the display booths and finally found a man with an extension cord after visiting 80% of the stands. While waiting for the phone to charge, as she was engaged in a discussion with this man about prayer and Holy Spirit, there were spiritual revelations and the man introduced to her the Holy Spirit Manufactured Prayers. She bought copies of the book and got me a copy. Initially, I was not interested in the book or any prayer book. One evening, I just picked up this book and started reading. I read for two hours non stop. Next morning, I took the book to my place of work and the book was magnetic for everyone who saw the book wanted to go through it. A coworker went right away on the line and purchased a copy, my coworkers commented joking that the attraction for the book could be the handsome peaceful author that is on the cover.

Personally, I know it is not, that there is something that goes beyond that – anointing. My coworker that bought the book started to tell everyone the difference that the Holy Spirit Manufactured Prayers book has made in her spiritual life, she was actually studying the book with the Bible references, and she came up with many questions that I finally referred her to the author. On the day that I called the author ”Prophet Matthew”, the first thing he said after introducing myself was that “the Holy Spirit asked him to ask if anything was wrong with my knees and if I wanted to be healed”. I always attributed the pain in my right knee to my being overweight, then he asked the question again and said, “Do you want to be healed or you want to do it your own way?” Then I asked for forgiveness from the Lord because I always thought that the only way I could get rid of the pain in my leg is by losing weight. He prayed for and I got instant healing and relief from the pain. I ordered the books and blessed people with them, giving them copies. Here are a few selected testimonies from some of the people who received the book.

  • Another prayer partner who received the book prayed for the Key of David, and she was given the master key to open all doors in her dream.
  • My director at work stated that she always read the declaration and confessions before attending meetings – insulating, incubating, and consecrating herself and peace always follows. When she is concerned about her children, she insulates them, incubates them, and consecrates them, she said she has turned it to a musical word.
  • Another coworker is using the book as a prayer book for her Sunday school class and they have been blessed.
  • One sister told me that each day of every month, she comes with prayer points that suit events of that day in her life.
  • One sister stated that the book comes with praise and worship and the praise and worship keep her in Spirit and lead her to pray in Spirit.
  • I gave another sister this book around 9 pm one day. She called me the following day that she could not part with the book and read the book till about 1 am. The next day, she called the prophet and ordered a box to bless her loved ones.

I love the fact that each prayer points come with bible references allowing one to dig deep into the word. It’s not just a prayer book; with the references, one is guided to pray in the Spirit. I receive a lot of spiritual revelations through praying the portion of opening ones’ eyes to see God, to see the people around, and I thank God Almighty for answered prayers. Amen, for sending us destiny helpers, for visiting us, blessing us, and making us a blessing to others. Amen.

Testimony from Sister Ayo, Houston, TX