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In January 2004, Matthew O’Dunlami told me, it was time to move my family from the Overbrook section of Philadelphia. Deep in my heart, I was not ready to move, as things were very comfortable for me and my wife. We both worked but we were able to live primarily off my salary and save a good portion of hers. However, I submitted to the Lord and began searching for a new home in Delaware County. In March, we found a house that we both liked but it was significantly more than what we wanted to spend. We made several offers that were lower than the asking price, but each time, the buyers declined our offer. One Saturday afternoon, I invited Matthew to see the house and to pray. When we got to the house, he asked me if I liked the house and I replied yes. He then told me to go ahead and use the bathroom, yet I told him I did not have to go. Eventually, I yielded to his instructions and when I came back out, he told me I will use this bathroom all the time. I just laughed. Finally, we prayed and asked God to work everything out, including the proper mortgage to purchase our new home and finding a buyer for our existing home that could close in 45 days. We left the house that day.

In April, God answered our prayers and the closing dates for both transactions were scheduled on the same day, May 7th, 2004. On closing day, I received a phone call from my realtor notifying me that my buyer was unable to close. I was devastated, as the close for the new home was contingent upon us being able to successfully close on our existing home. But then a voice spoke to me and instructed me to call my bank and explain the situation. I’m here to tell you, God worked out on this situation as well. We were able to close on the new home and within two weeks we closed on our existing home. God is good!!

After being in our new home for almost a year, I was unexpectedly laid off from work. Although I experienced God’s deliverance and divine intervention on several other issues, that was not on the forefront of my mind. I immediately went into seeking God’s face. After spending two weeks in my cave trying to work things out on my own, several thought-provoking questions went through my mind. Did not God tell me to move? Did not God work out everything for me to be here? Did not God provide a job for me before? I soon realized that once again, God was testing my faith. I concluded that God would sustain me and my family and He would provide the right job in His own time. One Sunday afternoon, Matthew came to visit not knowing I was laid off. Apparently, God had instructed him to visit me and my family that day. Well, we talked and I shared with him what I was going through. We immediately began to pray and ask God for His help. The following Monday morning, I received a phone call about a job opportunity with an inner city Hospital asking me to start work the next day as a consultant. Six years later, I’m still employed by the same Hospital where God has allowed me to find favor. Thank you, Father, for keeping me and my family! I thank God for this man of God.

Testimony from Brother Arthur, Philadelphia, PA