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I had written in my journal about some things concerning my ministry, finances, my car, etc. I phoned Prophet Matthew O’Dunlami and he began to release the Word of God concerning insulating, incubating, and consecrating in the Light of God and the Blood of Jesus, and being insulated, incubated, and consecrated with the Holy Ghost’s Power and the Fire of God.

From those few words stemmed a series of things that happened. I performed a marriage ceremony on October 30, 2010, representing the covenant. On Tuesday morning around 5:00 am, I was up to pray and felt led to look out of my sliding glass door. As I looked, I saw a man outside with a flashlight in my car. I looked further and saw a tow truck behind him. I immediately said, “God, I know that this man is not coming to take away the car that you gave me.” I then ran out of my apartment, jumped into my jeep, and drove off. I did not know where I was going and all the time, I was talking to the Lord. There was an Apostle that did not live far from me, so I went there and she said, “That is your car and God is going to come through.”

Making the long story short, I got ready for work and still talking to the Lord, I said, “God, I will not run from the enemy, especially for something that belongs to me. I need to know what to do to pay these people.” Immediately, the Lord brought my younger brother to mind and to call him, telling him what happened. I did not want to go through the humiliation that I knew would come from him, but I obeyed God. Of course, he acted just as I knew he would but then he said, “I will call you back after I speak with my wife.”

People of God, I needed almost $900 that day! So when my brother called back, he had the sweetest attitude and was so comforting that I had to look at the phone! He said, “My wife will send the money, we got your back, Sis. Don’t worry about it.” I don’t know what his wife said but I know she is a woman of God and it changed my brother’s attitude and apparently humbled him. Glory to God! The Lord said to me, “I was insulating, incubating, and consecrating you and all that concerns you.”

I meditated on that word and by Friday of that same week, the Lord sent me to a church that I had never been to before. I thought that I was going to meet a man of God that was allowing me to use his facility for a revival service, yet God had another plan. I arrived, yet didn’t see the Bishop and only recognized a few faces. The Minister that was in charge recognized me and introduced me, yet I still didn’t know what was going on. The Bishop’s wife got up and said, “The Apostle is in the house and I know she has a word for us. The Bishop just left this morning to go to Missouri and we have been praying that God would send us someone to bless the people in his absence.”

I had officially been set up by God. Immediately, He brings forth that word on insulating, incubating, and consecrating using the story of the three Hebrew boys to explain and bless the people of God. I was in awe at how God moved that night and encouraged the people with a word that I had received from Prophet Matthew a week before and God was still performing His Word.

The people were elated and invited me to come and preach on that Sunday because of what they received from God on Friday night. The testimonies of healing and deliverance from the people on the following Sunday was amazing. God had brought change to that body of believers. We were able to go on and have a successful revival the following week and God has been moving ever since.

I thank God for Prophet Matthew and the ministry that God has given to this Man of God. Our meeting from the beginning was God-ordained and God has been increasing since that day. We give God the Praise and the Glory for what he will continue to do through this yielded vessel.

Testimony from Dr. Fisayo, Houston, TX